Liver Tumor Embolization

Liver Tumor Embolization

(Transarterial Chemoembolization (TACE), Transarterial radioembolization (TARE, Y90))

Liver cancer can start in the liver (hepatocellular carcinoma, cholangiocarcinoma) or originate from tumor cells from other parts of the body and spread to the liver (colon, pancreas, stomach, breast, melanoma, etc). This can be treated with minimally invasive procedures, such as Liver Tumor Embolization, to kill the cancer cells and leave the normal liver alone.

This procedure includes a small catheter being placed in the wrist or groin artery and is directed into the liver artery supplying the cancer cells. Depending on the type and size of the cancer, tiny particles loaded with chemotherapy or radiation is injected into the tumor.

The chemotherapy particles deliver the medicine directly into the tumor and starve the tumor of blood, causing it to die off. This procedure can be repeated if new tumors develop or if the tumor is very large.

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If your doctor and interventional radiologist decide that radioembolization (Y90) is the best treatment for you, tiny particles loaded with high power radiation are injected directly in the liver artery supplying the tumor. The radioactive particles kill the tumor cells without having side effects of radiation in other organs.

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Liver Tumor MRI

Liver Tumors with Radiation Y90

Liver Tumors Before Embolization

Liver Tumors After Embolization

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Liver Tumor Embolization